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What is the Restart Detox?

The Restart Detox is a 14-day comprehensive whole body cleanse / detox.  It cleans and detoxifies the primary filtering organs of the body by first helping them to purge themselves of excess waste materials and other undesirables, then it helps the body to do it’s normal function of repairing any damage that may have occurred as a result of normal wear and tear or… over use, misuse and abuse. 

In truth, all of us need to detoxify and cleans our bodies from time to time.  Daily activities like eating and breathing put things into our bodies that can't be easily digested.  And of course, many of us do other things that create extra reasons for us to have to clean and restore our bodies.  For instance, drinking alcohol, while in small amounts may be healthy, has the tendency to tax our kidneys and deteriorate our livers.

Fasting is also a part of the Restart Detox.  The tradition of fasting has been embedded in human culture for as long as human culture has existed.  Some use it to reconnect their bodies to their spirituality.  Some use it purely for health benefits.  There is good science that suggests that fasting engenders many health benefits including anti-aging and, at the very least, fasting allows to body to take a break from the processes of digestion.  It allows the body to rest and this is a very good thing.

Try to think about your body as a car… as a vehicle in which your mind/soul are the driver, passenger, and precious cargo.  This car, similar to the one in your driveway or parking garage, has the need for regular maintenance.  If the fuel lines in your car are clogged, it will stop running.  If you don’t change the air, fuel, and oil filters in your car when you are supposed to, your car will most certainly run poorly and very well may die sooner than you hope. 

If you can think of your body as a car and imagine that your body’s filtering organs are similar in function to many of the principal and maintainable parts of your automobile; then try to imagine where you would be if your car were to suddenly stop working…  You’re probably starting to see where this is going.

Sadly, most of us spend a great deal more time worrying about our car’s oil change than we do worrying about the simple maintenance of our bodies.  Worst, the maintenance of our bodies usually takes less effort and cost a lot less than taking care of our cars, but when our bodies fail… Well, who can put a price on that?

The goal is to help the body grow younger through cleansing and detoxification of the organs, and bringing the body’s processes back into optimal function.