Due to extreme levels of toxins being eliminated, some people experience what is known as the "healing crisis" or "healing reaction". This is the body's way of letting you know you are on the road to restoration and optimum health. Headaches, nausea, fatigue, fever, cold like symptoms, even emotional breakdowns are common while cleansing. If this is your first time cleansing, it is more likely to occur. Please don't be dismayed, the healing crisis is an important aspect of an effective and deep cleansing process.


Can I take medication while using the Restart detox?

We suggest not taking any additional vitamins or other medications while using the Restart Detox unless otherwise directed by your physician. If you are currently being prescribed medications by your physician, we strongly suggest consulting with your physician before beginning the Restart Detox or any other similar program.

How often should I use the Restart detox?

We suggest using the Restart Detox at least twice a year.

How long should I wait before beginning another Restart Detox?

It is suggested to wait at least three months before beginning another Restart Detox.

Can I use the restart detox while pregnant or breastfeeding?

No, cleansing while pregnant or nursing will release toxins into your blood stream which will go directly to the baby. 

I have a hard time swallowing capsules, can I open capsules and put in liquid?

You can open the capsules and put the contents in liquid, however, we don't imagine the taste will be great.

Can I take additional vitamins during the Restart Detox?

The Restart Detox is going to flush out most additional vitamins that you take.  We suggest not taking any additional vitamins or other medications while using the Restart Detox unless otherwise directed by your physician.

Can I use the restart detox while working or Will it interfere with my work?

Yes, you will be able to conduct your life as usual while on the Restart Detox, however, you will need to use the restroom more often than normal so it would be wise to consider this.  We suggest that you take this time to slow down and make sure you're giving yourself all the love you need.

CAN I workout while using the restart detox?

Yes, moving your body is a great way to help flush toxins out of your body.  With that said, if you're normally a beast in the gym, consider working out at 50% of your normal pace while on the Restart Detox.  If you notice your body telling you to slow down, Slow Down!

What should I eat after completing the restart detox? 

It is best to maintain a clean, healthy, balanced diet.  With that said, those things mean different things to different people.  Take care to move gently back to heavier foods including animal based products. 

How much weight will I lose?

The body has intelligence, therefore weight loss will vary with each person. If you are overweight, it's likely that you will lose more weight than someone who is at their normal/ideal weight. Weight loss will happen naturally if you follow diet and regime as instructed. 

Will my birth control be effective while I'm using the restart detox?

Most birth controls are recognized by the body as chemicals and may be pulled from your system. It would be wise to use an alternative or back up birth control method while cleansing. Birth control may need time to become effective again once the cleanse is complete.